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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.

What does it take for school choice to “work”? How do existing tools fall short? What can be done to ensure that all families have access to quality school options? These and other questions are answered in this webinar recording, co-hosted by the Center on Reinventing Public Education and DCSRN. Listen today! 

Every year, DCSRN supports AppleTree PreK4 families as they search for great elementary schools for their children. We spoke with Juanita White, Director of Family & Community Engagement, and discussed her background, challenges for families as they choose schools, and why AppleTree's partnership with DCSRN continues to strengthen each cycle. 

DCSRN and Stanton Elementary have had a rewarding partnership since the early days of the HQSC. We sat down with Christie Atlee, Manager of Family and Community Engagement, to discuss school choice, advice for first-time applicants, and why DCSRN's work continues to be vital for Stanton. Read the full interview here.

A mother proudly displays HQSC parent curriculum materials

For over five years, DCSRN has been working on a grass-roots level in the most underserved communities in Washington, DC to ensure that all children in the District have equal access to a quality public traditional or charter school. DCSRN's vision is that every child in DC has access to a quality public education, regardless of where they live. Click here to make a gift to support DCSRN's work.

The first year of DCSRN's research partnership with CRPE has concluded, and the initial brief - the first in a three-part series - was recently published . The continuing three-year partnership, funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, exposes the challenges of school choice for DC families, shows the positive impact of the HQSC, and offers numerous lessons for community-based organizations and district leaders.

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Check out DCSRN's virtual school tours, which objectively showcase every aspect of a school day and provide parents with greater access to make important comparisons about school quality.

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What is the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

The Basics:
The Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) replaces and updates the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). ESSA requires states to design their own accountability systems for schools and teachers which allows local governments to design their own standards for school quality, rather than strictly following federal guidelines.

What it means for schools:
States must submit accountability plans to the Education Department, as well as design their own goals and accountability systems...

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What is AYP?

The Basics:
AYP stands for Adequate Yearly Progress. AYP is the system states use to measure each school’s progress toward the goal of all students performing on grade level by 2014.

What it means for schools:
When schools fail to meet AYP they go through 3 stages: School Improvement, Corrective Action, and Restructuring.

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What is a charter school?

The Basics:
Charter schools are public schools that do not have to follow all of the regulations that traditional public schools do. Charter schools must report to the state or local school board every 3-5 years and show that they have made academic gains with students in order to stay open.

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What is Title I?

The Basics:
Title I is a national government program that gives money to schools with a high number of low-income students.

What it means for schools:
Schools must use these funds only to help students who are failing to meet state standards. If more than 40% of a school’s students are from low-income families then the school may use the funds for school-wide programs.

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