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HQSC Results

The results from the High Quality Schools Campaign (HQSC) reflect DCSRN’s growing understanding of the nuances of the DC public school choice sector and, in particular, how these nuances impact underserved families.

The following table illustrates the last three years of HQSC results. Read the 2013-14 HQSC Final Report to learn more.


Number of Families Recruited

Number of Families Served

Number of Applicants

Number of Offers Received

Number of Students Enrolled

2011-12 HQSC 184* 184 100 42 20

2012-13 HQSC






2013-14 HQSC 769 291 226 141 115


1054 594 407 217 165

Note: An asterisk signifies campaigns in which DCSRN did not distinguish between the number of families recruited to participate in the HQSC and the number of families served.

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