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Meet Erika Harrell, DCSRN Parent Advocate

Erika Harrell is passionate about supporting widespread access to quality education throughout Washington, DC. After five years of working in California public education, Erika moved to DC in 2013 and has since experienced both ends of the school choice process, first as a parent and then as an advocate for fellow parents.

"I wish I had known about DCSRN when I was going through the application process." – Erika Harrell

In 2013, Erika applied to 12 public schools for her two children. She worked diligently to become informed about the lottery process and toured schools in-person to identify the best fit for her children. Her eldest son was eventually matched to one of the highest-performing public schools in the city while her youngest son was wait listed at the same school. Erika pursued weekly updates from school administrators to ascertain his wait list position and eventually he was offered a seat. Both children are now enrolled and her entire family is very happy with the school.

Erika working with a parent“My work with DCSRN affords me the opportunity to provide game-changing support to families just like mine. This is truly fulfilling work." – Erika Harrell

Erika joined DCSRN as a parent advocate in November 2013. In this role, Erika relentlessly supports families in their pursuit of a quality education for their own children. She understands firsthand how overwhelming the application process can be for families, especially those who live in underserved communities. Erika appreciates the ability to make the application process easier for other families than it was for her own. In addition to her current position, Erika sits on the Parent Advisory Council for My School DC, the current administrator for the DC common application and common lottery.

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