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Meet Tamika Williams, DCSRN Parent


The quality rating of Marlando's right-to-attend school.



The quality rating of the school Marlando will now attend because of DCSRN’s intervention.


Tamika Williams previously participated in the DC school choice application process on her own in 2010. She felt she would have been more successful if she had known more information about how the application process worked, the school options available and that school quality rankings existed.
While on her break working as a security guard at EdFEST, DC’s citywide public school fair, Tamika approached DCSRN’s table and signed up to learn more about DCSRN’s services. Her son, Marlando, was in second grade and Tamika felt like the school he was attending wasn’t the right fit for him. After being assigned to and consulting with a DCSRN parent advocate, she decided to enter the application process once again. Tamika felt especially confident knowing she had DCSRN as a support system. She works multiple jobs and therefore has limited time to research schools and keep track of the application process.

“There are a lot of choices in DC. DCSRN guided me with questions about schools that I might not have thought of otherwise.” – Tamika Williams

Tamika’s parent advocate helped her research schools and together they came up with a list of 12 schools Tamika was interested in applying to for Marlando. After her parent advocate informed Tamika about Harmony DC, a Ward 5 public charter school, Tamika toured the school in-person and left feeling certain it was the right fit for her son. Even though the school did not yet have a quality rating, she was impressed by the school’s track record in other cities. When the lottery results were announced, Marlando was matched to Harmony DC, his #1 choice, and Tamika and Marlando were overjoyed.
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