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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.

November 2014 Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter

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What's New with DCSRN?
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District and Charter News

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What is New with DC School Reform Now?

Great Night with Arne Duncan
DC School Reform Now (DCSRN) recently held a reception with Arne Duncan in which he discussed why DCSRN’s work helping families navigate the school choice process is so important in DC and nationallyThanks to all who attended!
Rocketship Nashville Northeast Virtual School Tour
Ever wanted to tour a Rocketship Education campus? DCSRN has launched this year's first virtual school tour of Rocketship Nashville Northeast. Take a virtual school tour now of this nationally recognized program, coming to DC in the fall of 2015.

2013-14 High Quality Schools Campaign Final Report
DCSRN has produced the 2013-14 High Quality Schools Campaign (HQSC) Final ReportAs DCSRN's current leading initiative, the HQSC helps families navigate the DC school choice application process. This report provides a summary of the implementation, results and future direction from the latest campaign.

How is DC Public Education Leadership Structured?
 produced a graphic showcasing how DC public education leadership is structuredThe graphic demonstrates the hierarchy of various government leadership agencies and the key officials that oversee the DC public education system.

Education Questions for DC Mayoral Candidates
The DC general election is TOMORROW! DCSRN has developed 10 key education questions for DC families and community members to consider in the mayoral candidates.

District and Charter News

Charter Schools Sue for More Funding
October 7, 2014
The DC Association of Chartered Public Schools, which represents 39 charter schools, filed a complaint in federal court in July along with two individual charters, Eagle Academy and Washington Latin. The schools say the District has shortchanged the charter sector by more than $770 million over the past eight years.

DC Public Schools Enrollments Continue to Climb
October 8, 2014
There were 38,302 students enrolled in public charter schools and 47,651 in DC Public Schools (DCPS), based on an annual count conducted by the Office of the State Superintendent for Education. That’s a nearly three percent increase for the public school system, and a little more than three percent for the charter schools. An audited report of enrollment is due early next year. 

DC Charter Board Reviewing Admissions Preference for Children of Employees
October 8, 2014
The measure, which would give children a far better chance of getting into the charter schools where their parents work, is meant to bring the charter board’s policies in line with a law that the DC Council approved this past spring. That law is aimed at helping the city’s charter schools recruit and retain employees.

DC Mayoral Candidates Sound Off on Future of Charter and Traditional Schools
October 23, 2014
DC mayoral candidates recently faced a math problem of sorts: In 1966, the District had about 147,000 students in 196 schools. Now, there are 86,000 students in 213 neighborhood and charter school buildings, yet the city continues to open charter schools. Is this path sustainable?

Get Involved

DCSRN Offering Free Shuttle to EdFEST
DCSRN is partnering with Ketcham and Stanton Elementary Schools to sponsor a FREE Ward 8 shuttle bus for families to and from the 2014 DC EdFEST. EdFEST is scheduled for Saturday, November 22 from 11:00am to 3:00pm at the DC Armory. Contact DCSRN if you need a ride.

VOTE: DC General Election
The DC general election will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4. Find your polling place and learn about the various contests on the ballot. #DCision14

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