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by Martin Austermuhle
November 20, 2015
When I first sat down with Kaya Henderson last week to talk about her five-year anniversary as chancellor of DC Public Schools (DCPS), I started with a relatively simply question: As a school leader charged with reforming a school system that had long failed its students, what did she wish she knew then that she knows now?
"Oh gosh, that’s a good question. Hmm.
By Michael Alison Chandler
November 19, 2015
The District’s State Board of Education approved a resolution Wednesday night directing the city’s top education official to draft regulations that would allow students who pass the GED exam to receive a high school diploma.
Board members said they hope that offering those who pass the high school equivalency test a diploma, rather than a certificate, would lessen the stigma for those who earn a GED and remove barriers to employment for some of the th
by Michael Alison Chandler
November 19, 2015
DC Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson made new investments in the city’s high schools this year to add a variety of new elective and advanced courses, an effort aimed at filling out sparse offerings and adding a measure of equity to the city’s schools.
The $13 million investment brought back such high school staples as marching band and choir to some schools that, because of low enrollments and a focus on remediation, have cut back in recent yea
by Moriah Balingit, Peter Hermann and Aaron C.
by Michael Alison Chandler
November 14, 2015
The population of young children is surging in the District, creating an acute demand for more affordable, quality child care.
Infants and toddlers are the fastest-growing age group in the city, with 26,500 children younger than three in 2013, up 26 percent from 2010.
“While it is exciting that so many young people are spending their formative years in DC, this growth has stretched an already under-capacity system,” said
by Emma Brown
November 11, 2015
The District has the nation’s fourth-highest concentration of charter school students, behind New Orleans, Detroit and Flint, Michigan, according to a report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
Three years ago, only New Orleans—where Hurricane Katrina had destroyed the traditional public school system and where more than nine in 10 children now attend charters—had a greater percentage of students in charter schools than the District.
by Michael Alison Chandler
November 5, 2015
Deputy Mayor for Education Jennifer Niles plans to open up meetings to the public for a task force that is being created to improve planning between the District’s traditional and charter schools, reversing an earlier decision to hold the meetings behind closed doors.
The task force, which will grapple with such contentious issues as how the city’s public schools can collaborate won the location and type of new schools that will open, was announced in
by Evie Blad
November 2, 2015
Cellphone videos of the violent arrest of an African American girl in a South Carolina classroom spread quickly online last week, thrusting an ongoing heated debate about race, discipline and the appropriate role of police in schools into the national spotlight.
The videos show Ben Fields, a local sheriff's deputy who worked as a school resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina, knocking the unidentified high school student's desk over as he grab
by Michael Alison Chandler
October 31, 2015
At Achievement Prep, the test scores of low-income African American children rival those at wealthy neighborhood schools. Over at DC Prep, middle school graduates routinely go on to top high schools.
by Natalie Wexler
October 30, 2015
On Tuesday, officials released dismal scores from the new Common Core-aligned tests students in the District took last spring. The next day, another set of scores showed DC students improving faster than those in the rest of the country.
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