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DC School Reform Now is educating, organizing and advocating to build support for public education strategies that prepare kids to become college and career ready.


Last Tuesday, the DC City Council unanimously confimed Kaya Henderson’s appointment to be Chancellor of DC Public Schools. Since last fall, Chancellor Henderson has been serving as Interim Chancellor after the departure of Michelle Rhee.


In a Huffington Post column, Richard Whitmire argues that stakeholders in public education should stop vilifying teachers' unions:

"Does achieving aggressive school reform require vilifying the teachers unions?

Elementary Students Encouraged to Set College Goals

Ed Week's Caralee J. Adams examines the newly redesigned elementary school, No Excuses University, where educators work tirelessly to instill in students how valuable–and how feasible–it is to attain a college education: "To get children thinking about college early, Los Penasquitos Elementary School in San Diego changed its name to No Excuses University at Los Pen.


A new tool is available on the DCPS website that allows prospective and current parents to track school performance, demographics, and extracurricular offerings. Users can also compare schools and learn how many out-of-boundary students each school accepts. Explore the new tool here.

Adrian Fenty and Michelle Rhee: We Fought for D.C. Schools. Now It’s Up to You.

In a Washington Post Op-Ed the outgoing Mayor and Chancellor discuss what they have accomplished, how they steeled themselves to make tough decisions in spite of criticism, and why their successors will be able to continue reforms while securing more community buy-in:

Interim Chancellor Will Be a Strong Voice for Reform

DC School Reform Now thanks outgoing Chancellor Michelle Rhee for her tremendously hard work over the past three and a half years. Her tenure at DCPS was not only the longest in recent memory. It was also the most progressive.

After a Hard Fought Campaign, We Are Confident Reform Will Continue

DC School Reform Now congratulates D.C. Council Chairman Vince Gray on his convincing win in the Democratic primary this past Tuesday.

We look forward to the new opportunities a Gray administration offers for cultivating parent and community champions for school reform and supporting parents to help them expertly navigate the school system.

Parents Have a Right to Know If Their Children’s Teachers Are Highly Effective

In a speech in Little Rock on Wednesday, Secretary Duncan called for greater transparency of teacher value-add measures and evaluation metrics, arguing that such information benefits parents, students and teachers. Ed Week offers a useful analysis of his remarks:


This week, schools across the District opened on schedule, with students ready to learn in safe, clean, and well-stocked classrooms. The many improvements to public school buildings and the organized, hassle-free first day is a credit to DCPS principals and administrators. The Washington Post covered the first day of school this Monday:

“Summer vacation ended Monday morning for hundreds of thousands of students in the Washington region, and early reports indicated few problems…”

Efforts to revamp schools by Maryland, D.C. result in $325 million

The Washington Post’s Nick Anderson reports on the exciting news that D.C. is one of ten winners in the U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top competition. The District’s groundbreaking teacher’s contract, innovative IMPACT evaluation system, improvements to infrastructure and building quality, and excellent charter schools have secured $75 million for education reform:

Who’s Teaching L.A.’s Kids?

The Los Angeles Unified School District has spent years ignoring the implications of value-added data for measuring teacher effectiveness. Now, they may no longer be able to do so, as the L.A. Times has obtained the scores of 6,000 teachers and plans to publish a database ranking each teacher’s effectiveness. The paper has released the first in a series of stories examining the enormous impact high-quality teachers can have on children from all backgrounds.

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