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by Natalie Wexler
February 10, 2015

Last year, the DC Council passed legislation designed to ensure that additional funds would be distributed equally among the District's neediest students. A new interactive graphic shows that instead, some of those students are getting a lot less money than others.


by Michael Alison Chandler
February 9, 2015


by Michael Alison Chandler and Mike DeBonis
February 9, 2015

D.C. Council member Mary Cheh is asking the Attorney General to investigate whether it’s legal for the city to move forward with plans to invest $20 million in extra supports and programs for minority male students.

Schools chancellor Kaya Henderson in January announced an “Empowering Males of Color” initiative, including opening an all-boys college preparatory high school east of the Anacostia River in 2017.


by Clinton Yates
February 7, 2015



by Michael Alison Chandler
February 6, 2015

District officials are developing a plan to bring more effective teachers to schools in poor neighborhoods, part of their response to a federal mandate to address the historically short supply of talent in schools where children have the greatest needs.

At a public meeting with educators Thursday night, officials with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, which is overseeing the development of the plan, said that ensuring equity is key to the success of the city’s public schools.


by Michael Alison Chandler
February 4, 2015



by Michael Alison Chandler
February 3, 2015



District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) Chief of Specialized Instruction Dr. Nathaniel Beers issued the following statement today regarding special education student information:


 by Arianna Prothero
February 3, 2015

The rapid expansion of charter schools and other public school options is fueling growth in another industry: education consulting.



February 2, 2015

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