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by Blair E. Lybbert
May 17, 2016

In 1983, "A Nation at Risk" focused political decisionmakers on the necessity of reframing public education into an accountability model designed to provide minimum standards of achievement. By 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act ensured that all states receiving federal funds would meet requirements for standardized testing, teacher qualifications, and funding priorities.


by Perry Stein
May 16, 2016

Jasmine Seawright, 16, lives in Southeast and rides a Metrobus each day to Richard Wright Public Charter School in Northeast. When she arrives at the bus stop near her school, there’s an adult volunteer waiting for her to ensure she and the other students on the bus arrive safely on campus. If she has to wait for the bus in the afternoon, there’s another volunteer present, supervising the students so nothing goes awry.


by John King
May 15, 2016

One of my top priorities as education secretary is to help our public schools serve the needs of our increasingly diverse students so that they have the opportunity to pursue the American dream and use their talents to help our nation tackle some of its most difficult problems.


by Jay Matthews
May 15, 2016

It’s hard to like the new, loosey-goosey Every Student Succeeds Act, the latest federal attempt to make schools better. Its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act, had problems, too, but at least it did not let our 50 states and the District—a mostly weak-willed bunch—decide how much our children should learn.


by Andrew Giambrone
May 13, 2016

In March, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that an additional $220 million in her fiscal year 2017 budget would go towards modernizing DC's public schools. The city, she said during her State of the District address, would give schools that hadn't been updated in a long time "full renovation[s]," starting next year.


by Valerie Strauss
May 10, 2016

Surely you’ve heard of the “grit” phenomenon. Teaching, measuring and testing grit in students—especially students who live in poverty—has become part of the broad education reform debate. Here is a post that questions the whole concept and traces its history, showing that it started out of concern for spoiled well-off kids. This was written by Ethan Ris, a doctoral candidate in education at Stanford University. His research is on the history and practice of reform in both K-12 and higher education.


by Perry Stein
May 12, 2016

Da-Quon Rhones had his first job interview this week. The 15-year-old stood up and shook hands with the White House internship coordinator and the director of a nonprofit, making eye contact and smiling all the way through—just as he had practiced.

He sat up straight in an orange leather chair in the Ballou High School library, wearing his button-down shirt and stylish khakis as the director of the Clifton Foundation lobbed questions his way.


by Jeffrey Anderson
May 12, 2016

A citizens group called the DC School Food Project has requested that the DC Bureau of Ethics and Government Accountability conduct an official investigation into the DC Public Schools food service procurement process, according to a letter obtained by City Paper.


by Aaron C. Davis
May 11, 2016

The number of homeless families in the District has soared by more than 30 percent compared with a year ago, according to a federal estimate released Wednesday.

For the first time since the annual census began in 2001, homeless children and their parents in the District outnumbered homeless single adults, a population beset by mental illness and disabilities that historically has loomed as the larger and more in­trac­table problem in cities nationwide.


by U.S. Department of Education
May 2016

The U.S. Department of Education is dedicated to increasing the diversity of our educator workforce, recognizing that teachers and leaders of color will play a critical role in ensuring equity in our education system. The release of this data is consistent with the Department’s mission and values, and is intended to provide a basis for discussion, strategy development, and further research.

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