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by Michael Alison Chandler
February 24, 2015


 by Emma Brown and Michael Alison Chandler
February 23, 2015


 by Michael Alison Chandler
February 23, 2015

Curious how your child’s school spends its dollars?

D.C. Public Schools created an interactive Web site where you can see where money goes and compare spending with other schools. The site includes detailed information about demographics of enrolled students, staffing and salary information, and changes year to year.


by Jay Mathews
February 22, 2015


By Michael Alison Chandler
February 21, 2015


by Natalie Wexler
February 20, 2015

DC needs to increase the number of highly qualified teachers who work in high-poverty schools. But doing that could require a fundamental change in the way DC Public Schools evaluates and supports teachers.



by Michael Alison Chandler
February 19, 2015


by Michael Alison Chandler
February 19, 2015

Robert Cane, the executive director of an influential pro-charter school advocacy group in the District, has announced he is leaving his job after more than 16 years.

During his tenure at Friends of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS), charter school enrollment in the city has grown more than tenfold, from about 3,600 to more than 38,000, representing 44 percent of public school students in the city.


 by Ashley Jochim, Michael DeArmond, Betheny Gross, Robin Lake
December 2014


 by Benjamin Herold
February 17, 2015

State lawmakers and school district officials are again wrestling with questions about schools' authority to access and monitor students' social-media accounts.

But their attempts to proactively address such issues as cyberbullying and student safety have been more likely to result in controversy and complaints than any clear resolution.

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