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U.S. Students Show Incremental Progress On National Test
by Lyndsey Layton
November 7, 2013

The nation’s fourth and eighth graders made incremental progress on math and reading tests administered earlier this year by the federal government, according to data released Thursday.


Options Charter in Distress After Allegations of Financial Scheme, Court Records Show
by Emma Brown
November 6, 2013 

Options Public Charter School is facing a budget shortfall of $1.6 million and critical gaps in leadership following allegations that the school’s former managers diverted millions of dollars to companies they owned, according to a newly unsealed court document.


Parents Can Inform Meaningful School Change
by Karran Royal
November 5, 2013

For years, as a resident of New Orleans, I was a super-involved parent, engaged in everything from the proverbial bake sale to serving on the school improvement committee. I served on the local PTA and on district and state textbook committees, assisted in the interviewing of teachers and principals, and was a vocal critic at school board meetings. Yet none of these activities could have prepared me for the ways in which I need to be involved today.


DC Council Tentatively Approves Bill Intended to End Social Promotion
by Emma Brown
November 5, 2013 

The DC Council on Tuesday gave tentative approval to a bill intended to end social promotion in the District’s public schools.

The measure, which Education Committee Chairman David Catania (I-At Large) proposed, would repeal a rule that requires most District elementary and middle school students to be passed from one grade to the next regardless of achievement or performance.


Schools Still See Surges in Homeless Students
by Sarah Sparks
November 5, 2013

In the year after Hurricane Katrina buffeted the Gulf Coast, Denise Riemer and Larissa Dickinson, both homeless education liaisons for their school district, saw more than 2,000 homeless students and their families in the public schools in Mobile, Ala.

This year, in the wake of an ongoing and far broader economic storm, the two women have seen 5,302 homeless students in the 59,000 student district.


DC Education Agency Pays Chicago Firm Nearly $90,000 for One Day of Work
by Emma Brown
November 4, 2011

A DC government agency paid a Chicago consulting firm $89,995 for one day of work at a recent city education conference, a fee that included a half hour keynote speech, three 45-minute parent workshops and hundreds of copies of parenting books.


Five Stereotypes About Poor Families and Education
by Valerie Strauss
October 28, 2013


Why We Opted Out of Public School (For Now)
by Lisa Runge
October 30, 2013 

I'm an all-around believer in the public school system. Yet this fall I opted to send my son to a private school in Maryland. We failed at the charter school lottery, and our neighborhood school isn't a good fit. And ultimately, my decision was made easier by the fact that next year, we can think it all over again.


Duncan Praises DC Preschool for All Policy During Visit to Brightwood Education Campus
by Emma Brown
October 29, 2013

Education Secretary Arne Duncan paid a visit Monday to the District’s Brightwood Education Campus, where he observed a classroom of 4 year olds who took turns gleefully banging on a drum for each syllable in their names.


How to Measure School Quality
by Jack Schneider & Anil Nathan
October 29, 2013

How do you measure school quality?

A seasoned educator can get a feel for a school in a day, though it might take a year to determine its particular strengths and weaknesses. Yet parents do not have that luxury; they cannot spend long stretches of time visiting all of the schools they might send their children to. And even if they did, many might not be sure what to look for.

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