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By Christina Sturdivant
December 7, 2016

A day before his final education council hearing, Antwan Wilson greeted families, engaged with students, and observed classrooms this morning at an elementary school in Columbia Heights.


By Martin Austermuhle
December 7, 2016

When Michelle Rhee was made the first chancellor of D.C. Public Schools in 2007 under what was then the new system of mayoral control, no one knew much about her — nor what to expect. That was because Rhee had never held any leadership positions in any school system. Prior to becoming the D.C. schools chancellor, Rhee had been a teacher and head of a non-profit dedicated to helping urban schools.


By Emily Leayman
November 24, 2016

This year, the charter sector is celebrating a record number of high-quality schools that received top ratings under the D.C. Public Charter School Board’s nationally recognized accountability system, which ensures only quality schools stay open.

Of the 42 high-ranking schools, 23 achieved Tier 1 (high-performing) ratings the first time this fall.


 by Martin Austermuhle
November 22, 2016

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has picked Antwan Wilson, the superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District in California, to become the next chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. If confirmed by the D.C. Council, Wilson would be charged with leading a school system that has seen steady growth and gains over the last five years, but still struggles to overcome a stubborn achievement gap among the system's 45,000 students.


 by Perry Stein
November 20, 2016

The District’s finances were in shambles. The city’s schools were widely underperforming. Drugs and violence continued to decimate the city’s poorest neighborhoods in the 1990s, rendering Washington the nation’s murder capital.


by Alejandra Matos
November 13, 2016

Rahnell Jordan and Duane Funderburk, two students at the District’s W.B. Patterson Elementary School, have the same dream for when they grow up: They want to be football players.

But their teachers and school administrators want them to have a backup plan, so the educators are using grant dollars to teach the children to work with cameras, create artwork, produce music and direct plays.


by Emma Brown
November 10, 2016 

Republican President-elect Donald Trump spoke about education only in broad terms on the campaign trail, leaving plenty of uncertainty about how his administration now intends to handle policy questions ranging from standardized testing and school accountability to the treatment of transgender students.


 by Emma Brown
November 9, 2016

Though the presidential race cliffhanger was taking up most of the political oxygen Tuesday night, there were also important education policy developments in the states. Here’s how four high-profile ballot initiatives fared.


 by Alejandra Matos
November 3, 2016

The new chancellor for D.C. Public Schools should be someone who is deeply committed to closing achievement gaps in the District, according to a community engagement report released this week by the search committee.

More than 400 parents, students and community members submitted feedback to the 17-member search committee, with the majority of respondents noting that they want a leader who is going to focus on equity and improving education outcomes for the city’s lowest-performing schools.


 by Kat Lonsdorf
November 1, 2016

A study published in the Review of Educational Research today suggests that school climate is something educators and communities should prioritize — especially as a way to bridge the elusive achievement gap. The authors analyzed more than 15 years of research on schools worldwide, and found that positive school climate had a significant impact on academics.

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